I love going out at night. Just getting on your bike and go somewhere. The world going passed you while you slice through darkness. Streetlights casting yellow light, them being your only witness. You rush passed windows where behind souls are lying to rest. The only escape from their busy and pointless lives being at this hour. Everyone but you. You couldn’t feel more alive than you do now. Empty streets. The only sound coming from your heartbeat pounding in your ears. The wind whispering you secrets of the night. Your breath turning the stinging cold into harmless white clouds. Everything around you is a sign of you being alive. You go down the hill, speeding up like lightning. You close your eyes, imagining yourself flying. Nothing can hurt you. The rules that exist in this world aren’t yours. The taste of freedom makes your heart swell. You being the sole survivor of a world you once knew. Your heart being your only guidance, while you continue down this road.


White Widow. (via Cierra Sens)

lookin’ good.